The term yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means, to unite. The Yuj Studio will take its clients on a journey of self-discovery, where they will learn how to unite their minds, bodies and spirits using movement and breath. We will be aiming to help our clients in exploring the yoga practice and its physical and psychological benefits. The classes will be tailored to suit the clients’ needs and goals; be it strength, flexibility or meditation to calm the mind.

The Yuj Studio will be offering private sessions; intimate group sessions; group sessions; corporate packages and kids yoga, so you can decide what works for you, your family and your kids if you have any. Our services include an intimate indoor studio space and an outdoor area where one can get the full benefits of doing yoga in nature. The Yuj Studio will be operating in the Johannesburg area: Glenvista; Bassonia; Randburg and North Riding. Our services will also include driving to clients, depending on their location. Join our family. Let us love, laugh, learn and most importantly, let us grow together.